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YOLO – You Only Live Once – 只活一次/疾速追杀

YOLO – You Only Live Once – 只活一次/疾速追杀

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Type World Movies
Country Spain


Leo (Peter Lanzani) is the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time. After taping a murder and keeping the evidence he runs away to stay alive and, in order to survive, he has to cover up himself. Under a new identity he will become an orthodox Hasidic Jew. A french ruthless killer, Duges (Gerard Depardieu) and his associates López (Santiago Segura) and Harken (Hugo Silva) will hunt Leo. Their nonstop chase has only one exhilarating speed: all- out. Time is running out and his enemies are getting closer. Now Leo a ragtag bunch of misfits will face the biggest challenge of their lives.